Frequently Asked Questions

goddess1Q: When does online registration close?
A: Online registration will close at midnight on Thursday, May 31st. In person registration is available at the Race Package Pick up on June 2nd.

Q: Can I switch my event distances?
A: Prior to May 15, you can switch your distance by emailing After May 15, as long as the event you are transferring into isn’t sold out, you can make the change at the race package pickup on June 2nd.

Q: Can I have someone else pick up my race package?
A: Yes, you may have someone pick up your race package for you but you will miss out on all the great exhibitors at the Expo!

Q:My shirt doesn’t fit, can I switch it?
A: Shirt sizes are allocated based on what you ordered. If you are not happy with your shirt size, please visit the Late Package Pickup on Sunday after the race and we will do our best to accommodate you. Shirt must be clean and not worn.

Q: Will there be lots of parking?
A: There are a number of parking options for the event. Please check out our section on Parking.

Q: What is the minimum age for participants?
A: 10K and 5K events are 8 years old.

Q: When participants choose to register as part of a team, what does that mean? Will their shirts have their team name printed on them or is there some other sort of benefit or recognition?
A: We are counting team members to award our largest “team” prize. We will not be printing team names on shirts or using this for any other purpose.

Q: Is there a time limit?
A: We want all Goddesses to have the opportunity to be successful, so we are keeping the routes open for several hours. We may have to move some Goddesses to the sidewalk and ask you obey traffic laws as roads open, but we will still have support on the course.

Q: Are strollers or dogs allowed?
A: For safety purposes, dogs, skateboards, wagons, in-line skates, scooters, roller skis, bicycles and vehicles are not permitted on route. Only runners, walkers, strollers & wheelchairs are permitted.  Strollers will start at the back and will need to be aware of narrow pathways where you must give right of way to runners.