The Lazy Person’s Guide to Spring

By Joanna

Spring is a good time to recharge and reset your habits.  This goes for everything in life…including exercise!  Our friends from Used.Ca have put together “The Lazy Person’s Guide to Spring” to help you get moving.  The best part is that once you’re done all your tasks, you’ll have more time to get out and run!

This is a call-out to the procrastinators and lazy people in the world. The ones who see the potential for change but let their slacker ways impede progress again and again. is a safe place. No judgements here. But the first step is to admit you are a wee bit on the lazy side and the second is to try to do something about it. Some of the best among us are terrible procrastinators; you have no idea how long it took to actually write this blog post. But, as winter changes to spring, days lengthen and more time is spent outside, it is a nice idea to embrace the opportunity to be different. All those people who brag about spring cleaning, decluttering and DIY-ing could be onto something; but, where do they find the time and energy to put thoughts into action? Can a serial dilly-dallier elicit real change and welcome spring with renewed vigour?

We have no idea…but, we can try to help! Organizing, decluttering and cleaning are not everyone’s forte or passion however, with a few tips and tricks maybe a hint of fun can be gleaned from an otherwise arduous process. Whether you are decluttering and reselling, spring cleaning or looking for some DIY projects to spruce up your home or backyard, the following links can boost your productivity and keep you on track…for awhile, anyway.

Safety in numbers’s Acting President, Lacey Sheardown, is on a journey to clean out her family’s garage. Not to perpetuate procrastination, but read her journey here and see how a fellow dawdler can succeed at tackling a project step-by-step.

Spring cleaners just wanna have fun

Music will make this process so much better. Search “spring cleaning” playlists on your favourite music streaming service and crank up the tunes!

Target the mess

Attack your house room by room. Start with the area you want to organize the least and go from there. As you are cleaning be sure to make piles of things to keep, items to sell and ones that can be recycled. If you have a lot of worthwhile things to sell, you can think about scheduling a garage sale for early summer. If not, place an ad for each item on your local site and watch the cash roll in for summer!

How to: make your used items stand out in the crowd
Tips for a successful garage sale

The act of cleaning – aka the worst part

Arm yourself with the tools of the trade – rags, mop, duster etc. – and make eco-friendly product choices so you can feel awesome about the effort it took to clean! DIY cleaning ingredients are easy to make and affordable. Reward yourself along the way! Clean something; coffee break. Sort through a pile of clothes; watch a short Youtube video. Repeat. 

Ways to save money while cleaning
DIY spring cleaning products

Harness the power of the sharing economy

As cliche as it is, the adage is true: one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Items that you no longer want can be sold or traded on sites preventing their landfill demise. People are looking to welcome the season with spring accessories. Some of the top searches from March to June on sites are: kayak, jeep, trampoline, scooter, patio furniture and BBQ. The Free category is a great place for items that are still useful but not necessarily worth a sum of money. is a family-friendly network of local websites that provides the opportunity to buy, sell, trade and search in a safe environment.  Keeping stuff out of landfills is just part of their mission. Their aim is to help you out, connect you with your community, bring people together and create real human interaction in a digital driven world. They connect people and create stories.